File, delete each row and add to the key in the dictionary


How do we split the first line in a text file and make them as keys, and every line after that are the values for each key. Without any imports

What I have so far:

new_dict = {}
with open(file, 'r') as f:
    for line in f:
        list = line.strip().split(',')
        for item in list:
            new_dict[item] = []

what this outputs: {'name': [], 'last': [], 'middle': []}

Now, how do I move on to the next line, split at the comma and append the first element to the first key, the second element to the second key, etc.

name, last, middle
bob, jones, m
jones, bob, k
alice, lol, f

Result in the end:

{'name': ['bob', 'jones', 'alice'], 'last': ['jones', 'bob', 'lol'], 'middle': ['m', 'k', 'f']}

new_dict = {}
names = [] # used map 0, 1, 2 to `name`, `last`, `middle`
with open('/path/to/test.txt') as f:

    # Handle header (the first) line: `name, last, middle`
    for name in next(f).split(','): # split fields by `,`
        name = name.strip()  # remove surrounding spaces
        new_dict[name] = []  # initialize dictionary with empty list.

    # Handle body.
    for line in f:
        # enumerate(['bob', 'jones', 'm']) return an interator
        #    that generates (0, 'bob'), (1, 'jones'), (2, 'm')
        for i, value in enumerate(line.split(',')):



{'middle': ['m', 'k', 'f'], 'last': ['jones', 'bob', 'lol'], 'name': ['bob', 'jones', 'alice']}