FFmpeg vs Vitamio


I am thinking about making app on videos in android. I came to know that there are 2 famous libraries, FFMPEG and Vitamio.

I just want to know that can i do simple video functions like playing the video, grabbing a frame, converting video to mp3 with both the libraries? What are their pros and cons?

Thanks in advance.

Vitamio is much easier to use. It is just like the default MediaPlayer in Android but with some fancy capabilities. At the same time it can't do everything you want. As I understand it just plays video.

FFmpeg is not as simple. It is quite a powerful library that requires some thoughtful native coding in C. I'm sure you can do whatever you need with it, but it will cost you lots of efforts.

So I can recommend you to use either default Android's or Vitamio's MediaPlayer for playing video. And implement some specific features with the help of FFmpeg.