Fatal error: mysqli_sql_exception not detected: No index used in query / prepared statement SELECT * FROM Product


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  • Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'mysqli_sql_exception' with message 'No index used in query/prepared statement' 4 answers

I have looked at our posts regarding this problem, however, the posts just suggest to use mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_ERROR | MYSQLI_REPORT_STRICT) instead of error_reporting(E_ALL). I have made these changes which indeed removed the error message, but now nothing appears on my webpage, it is just a blank white page, even though it has a few forms on it. So i started using error_reporting(E_ALL) once again

I was wondering if there is another reason for this error. It is a simple select statement that is causing this problem, The php file consists of 4 forms and has a insert on duplicate key statement just before it.

   $prod_sel = $dbc->query("SELECT * FROM Product");
        while ($output = $prod_sel->fetch_assoc()) {
            $prod_run .= $output['Product_Name'] . '<br>';
            $_SESSION['Product_Name'] = $output['Product_Name'];
       //session_start does not work here
        print "Restaurant is :" . $_SESSION['Product_Name'];

Your Product table has no column indexed, you should fix it for better performance
You can always disable this mysqli error just by adding this code


You can find here the complet list about Enabling/Disabling the internal report functions
I suggest you to read this good article about PHP & MYSQL Communication