facebook offline_access


ma web application uses the offline_access. As it will be deprecated by the first of may I am wondring how to manage the validity of the access_token. In the documentation https://developers.facebook.com/roadmap/offline-access-removal/ they say (If the access_token is generated from a server-side OAuth call, the resulting access_token will have the longer expiration time) ! What is this "the longer expiration time?" and how I know that my token is not valid anymore?

Any one can help me? Thanx !

From the page that you linked to in your question, the longer expiration time is 60 days:

To get the access_token simply pass your own client_id (your app_id), your app_secret, and the client-side access_token to the endpoint below. The returned access_token will be set to expire in 60 days. If you would like to renew a still valid access_token, you will have to get a new client-side access token first and then call the same endpoint below. The returned access_token with the newly extended expiration time may or may not be the same as the previously granted extended access_token.

And here is how to handle expired access tokens.