Facebook like button does & ldquo; & rdquo; and & ldquo; unlike & ldquo; actions in rapid succession. Script sometimes gives & ldquo; FB.init has already been called & rdquo;


As in title users Just can't get the like button to work properly on my site. When they click, at first the button seems to work but it soon gets "unclicked/not liked".

This is a sample link: http://www.lostradone.it/archivio-news/47-politica/2843-schittulli-duro-con-la-politica-nazionale-abbiamo-solo-yes-men

The problem was related to a Joomla Component (System Language) which were passing the wrong url to the Facebook Like Button, adding to it the language code suffix.

When facebook tried to fetch the url a 404 error were given so the button weren't working. Once disabled the Language plugin the button started working correctly.