F # comparing unions discriminated by case identifier


Is there a way to compare discriminated unions by their case-identifiers in F#?

type MyUnion =
| MyString of string
| MyInt of int

let x = MyString("hello")
let y = MyString("bye")
let z = MyInt(25)

let compareCases a b =
// compareCases x y = true
// compareCases x z = false
// compareCases y z = false

How do I implement compareCases function in a generic way?

I.e. something like the following, but more generic (reflection is ok):

let compareCases a b =
  match a with
  | MyString(_) -> match b with | MyString(_) -> true | _ -> false
  | MyInt(_) -> match b with | MyInt(_) -> true | _ -> false

The problem with using GetType() is that it fails if you have 2 'dataless' cases.

Here is one way to do it: (Edited because the previous UnionTagReader was not being cached)

type MyDU =
    | Case1
    | Case2
    | Case3 of int
    | Case4 of int

type TagReader<'T>() =
    let tr =
        assert FSharpType.IsUnion(typeof<'T>)
        FSharpValue.PreComputeUnionTagReader(typeof<'T>, System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Public)

    member this.compareCase (x:'T) (y:'T) =
        (tr x) = (tr y)

let tr = TagReader<MyDU>()

let c1 = Case1
let c2 = Case2
let c3 = Case3(0)
let c3' = Case3(1)
let c4 = Case4(0)

assert (c1.GetType() = c2.GetType() )  //this is why you can not use GetType()

assert tr.compareCase c1 c1
assert not (tr.compareCase c1 c2)
assert tr.compareCase c3 c3'
assert not (tr.compareCase c3 c4)