Extracting the Return Value from the Ringed Recall Function


To simplify my question i did some modifications to the code. I am now able to get the value from the callback function i now want to pass this data into a variable.


How can i get PostInformation to return args?

function AjaxRequest(callback) {

    var hasErrors = false;
        url: 'hello',
        content: SomeData,
        load: function (formErrors) {
            //preform some operation
            //set hasErrors to true
            hasErrors = true;

            if (typeof callback === "function") callback(hasErrors);
        error: function (e) {
            console.log(e + ' page not posted error');



function PostInformation() {
    try {
        AjaxRequest(function (args) {
            console.log('The hasErrors is  ' + args);
            return args;

    } catch (e) {

You're calling handleServerResponse when you send the request, not in the callback. It should be:

var doesErrorsExist = postToServer(function() {
    handleServerResponse(containers, function (args) {
        return args;

But this still won't work -- an asynchronous function can never return a value to its caller, because the value won't exist until the operation completes after the function returns.

I haven't tried to figure out the logic of everything you're trying to do, so I don't have a concrete suggestion for how to fix that. I think if you reread the question you linked to, you should get some more insight.