Extract the keys and values ​​from the array as variables


As you know, Codeigniter is a great PHP framework, I'm trying to make my own framework. Here is a problem. I really like the $data functionality in Codeigniter and I want to make it happen in my framework. Question is, how it works. Here is what it does :

  1. you make a array like this :

    $data['title']= 'My Name';
  2. then you can use this variable like this in view :

    $title ;

How I can make a variable like $data ?

What you are looking for is turning array keys into variables. There's one in-built function given to do this.

extract() - Import variables into the current symbol table from an array

$data['x'] = "Value";
extract($data,  EXTR_PREFIX_SAME, null);
echo $x;

Go through docs and explore how you want to use it.