Extract the figures from the image


I have an image for mobile phone credit recharge card and I want to extract the recharge number only (the gray area) as a sequence of number that can be used to recharge the phone directly

This is a sample photo only and cannot be considered as standard, thus the rectangle area may differ in position , in the background and the card also may differ in size .The scratch area may not be fully scratched , the camera's depth and position may differ too . I read a lots and lots of papers on the internet but i can't find any thing that could be interesting and most of papers discuss detection of handwritten numbers . Any links or algorithms names could be very useful .

You can search the papers on vehicle plate number detection with machine learning methods. Basically you need to extract the number first, you may use sobel filter to extract the vertical edges , then threshold (binary image) and morphologic operations (remove blank spaces between each vertical edge line, and connect all regions that have a high number of edges). Finally retrieve the contour and fill in the connected components with mask.

After you extract the numbers , you can use machine learning method such as neural network and svm to recognize them.

Hope it helps.