Excel Returns the values ​​in column A if column B satisfies if function


Help in how to do this?

I am new in excel and I wanted to organize the data but I cannot find the right function to make it work.

Need a function to search through Column E for a value and return the texts from Columns A, B, C, D into a new set of columns whenever it strikes a match.

A     B     C     D     E
Appl  Text  Text  Text  3
Grap  Text  Text  Text  2
Pear  Text  Text  Text  1
Berr  Text  Text  Text  2
Ora   Text  Text  Text  1

For example searching for the value of 3 in Column E and returning the values into something like:

A     B     C     D
Appl  Text  Text  Text
Ban   Text  Text  Text

Can you just filter on column E to get all the rows with 3?

For a formula approach, assuming your first table in A1:E5 try this formula in G1


confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and copied across and down as far as required - once matching rows run out you get blanks

see example here

Note: IFERROR requires Excel 2007 or later version, but this can be modified to work with earlier excel versions