Excel: Keep * first * value calculated in the cell and ignore / delete the formula afterwards?


In column A, cell A1 contains 1 as a static value. The value of A2 is cacluated by =A1+1, etc.

If I would delete row 4, the values in A1:A3 would still remain the same, but the values in A5:A8 (then A4:A7) would decrement by one.

So, my question now is: How can I prevent the numbers in A5:A8 (then A4:A7) from decrementing so that the numbers would go as follows: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8.

For that, it would be a good thing to modify formulas so that they are only evaluated once and then deleted or deactivated or something like that. I know that this can be done globally, using a certain option, but I want to apply it to column A only.

You can Ctrl+C cells and then use Ctrl+Alt+V and select Values. This will paste calculated values on top of your formulas effectively deleting them.