evernote api: sample php code to retrieve the text of a note


I look for an example of PHP code to retrieve the text of a note on the Evernote server.

So far, I only found trivial examples listing the notebooks, and helping to get authenticated. But all the references are for Java and not for PHP, and nothing lists the notes self.

I understand I have to use the function findNotesMetaData but I don't understand what to specify as fourth argument.

I need some help to get further. I don't know enough Java to understand the equivalent statement in PHP. Thanks in advance.


You can't get note contents with findNotesMetaData. Here's simple code snippet for getting notes (also refer to the sample on github to know how to get token with OAuth).

 use EDAM\NoteStore\NoteFilter;
 use Evernote\Client;
 $client = new Client(array(
     'token' => $accessToken,
     'sandbox' => true
 $filter = new NoteFilter();
 $filter->words = "Evernote";
 $notes = $client->getNoteStore()->findNotes($filter, 0, 10);

You can see more details about searching notes here.