Error value when you try to match the index to two lists


I am trying to code some simple flashcards in Python ( still learning!).

I can read in a text file, split into two lists ( keywords and definitions), find a random keyword (chosenKeyword) and return both the keyword and its index value from the keyword list BUT when I try to use that index value (which will be exactly the same in the second list as I read them in at the same time line by line) to match to the definition list I keep getting a ValueError telling me that the item is not in the list (which it is when I manually check). The problem is in my possibleAnswers function but I cannot work out what it is- any help would be great.

# declare an empty list for answers
answers = []

if keyword.index(chosenKey) == define.index(chosenKey):

# find the matching definition for the keyword and add to the answer list

wrongAnswers = random.sample(define,2)
while define.index(chosenKey) != wrongAnswers:

I think You have some issues in displayed code

This is the first one:

if keywords.index(chosenKey) == definitions.index(chosenKey):

As I understand You want to add correct answer to your answer list.

I would do this as follows:

if chosenKey in keywords:

second part seems like someone tries to get two random options one of which should be correct answer

wrongAnswers = random.sample(define,2)
while definitions[keywords.index(chosenKey)] not in wrongAnswers:
    wrongAnswers = random.sample(define,2)
answers = wrongAnswers