EntityFramework: stored procedure that returns a custom Poco instead of the complex type


I have a Custom POCO (Already existing und used in my project).

public class MyPoco()
     public string MyPocoName {get; set;}
     public string MyPocoParentName {get; set;}

I have also a stored procedures that returns a list of (MyPocoName,MyPocoParentName) values.

I couldn't set MyPoco as the return type of this procedure in the Function import wizard.

I don't want to create a new custom type that have the same proporties as MyPoco.

Is there any way that could specify the return type of the stored procedure to be MyPoco.


Yes there is a way but you must not use function import (adding stored procedures to your model doesn't make sense in this case). Use:

var data = objectContext.ExecuteStoreQuery<MyPoco>("spName", SqlParams);

to call you stored procedure.