Entity framework working with the production and development database


I am going to start a new project and i want to try EF model first and i want to be able to work with a development database in MSSQL and have an production database in MySQL.

Is there anyone out there with experience in this? Is this possible?

I have read about Entity Designer Database Generation Power Pack. Does it support this?

I want it to be simple to add columns and table created to the model to both my production (MySQL) and development database.

This will not work because type of the database is part of EDMX file (model first). You will need two different EDMX files with same entities but different storage definition (SSDL part of EDMX file). You will also need MySql provider on your development machine (I'm not sure it this also demands MySql itself). And for last you will need different connection strings using metadata from correct EDMX file.

This whole is pretty bad idea because you must still test your application against MySQL. The idea that you will develop application on one database server and it will just work on another is not entirely correct.