Downloading the project on GitHub from Visual Studio 2010


I have a GitHub account.

I have a Visual Studio 2010 with Git Extensions and Git Source Control provider installed.

I have created a clean project. How do I upload it to GitHub?

P.S. A tutorial on this particular topic would be fine.

In order to upload a Visual Studio Project to GitHub one needs to perform a push operation in GitExtension commit dialog.

Basically syncing the project with GitHub server is called "push"ing in Git terminology.

In order to be able to push, one needs to do the following:

  1. Create a local repository. This is covered in detail by both GitHub and GitExtensions manual.

  2. Create a repository online from GitHub account. This is covered in detail by GitHub help.

  3. Map a local repository to an online one. This requires going to Manage Remotes dialog of GitExtensions (accessed via Git->Manage Remotes menu item in Visual Studio main menu) and saving a new instance of a remote repo.

  4. Then, at commit, choose to "Commit & push", and point push to a remote repo created in step 3.