Download a new version for the iOS application?


My app store application has gone through review process, I made a release now it shows the Ready to Sale status. At this point we have figured out a small bug which we have fixed.

I have uploaded new build version with this fix on iTunes connect via my XCode. I am able to see this build. Now I want to submit this new build for app review. I don't see an option for submission of this build for app review. Do I need to create new version for this ? Can't I upload new build for same version under ready to sale for submission to review.

Also I want to change some of the screen shots I don't see options for this also.

For uploading a new build, you need to create a new version on iTunes. After creating a new version you can submit it with your latest build & also update all the details which you desire & all those will be reviewed & made live once apple review those.