Does Dynamo IoC work with MonoTouch and MonoDroid?


I'm curious, out of all the possible C# .NET inversion of control solutions out there, if anyone has ever tried Dynamo IoC ( and whether or not it works with projects designed for MonoTouch and MonoDroid?

While I am not explicitly using either MonoTouch or MonoDroid, I am using Unity 3D ( I expect that if an IoC framework (e.g. Dynamo) works on MonoTouch and MonoDroid it will more likely than not also satisfy my needs with Unity 3D.

NOTE: I've been doing research on inversion of control containers, and their compatibility with MonoTouch, MonoDroid, etc. for a couple of days now; this questions does not come from laziness, but a lack of details I've found when doing my research specifically regarding Dynamo IOC and its compatibility with MonoTouch, MonoDroid, etc.

I can't answer about DynamoIoC, but I have used TinyIoC and OpenNetCF IoC on MonoTouch and MonoDroid without problems.

Within MvvmCross I currently make use of a very limited set of the OpenNetCF functionality and that works across wp7, ios, droid and winrt.