Dictionary: How to find Max of Elements


Given a dictionary of...

result={'A - - -': ['ALLY'], '- - A -': ['DEAL'], '- - - A': ['BETA'], '- - - -': ['COOL',    'ELSE', 'FLEW', 'GOOD', 'HOPE', 'IBEX']}

How would I go about assigning a variable 'Answer' to the key with the most elements? I tried...

inverse=[(value,key) for key, value in result.items()]

but that got me no where. Since the largest family is ['COOL', 'ELSE', 'FLEW', 'GOOD', 'HOPE', 'IBEX'] I would like to be able to assign '- - - -' to 'Answer'.

max() takes a key keyword argument which allows you to give a sorting function:

>>> answer, _ = max(result.items(), key=lambda x: len(x[1]))
>>> answer
'- - - -'

This will be more efficient than constructing an extra list just to sort on.