Deployment and distribution process for iPhone Web applications


--I haven't develop any iPhone Web Application i am little bit confuse about that.

--I want to build a Web Application for iPhone which will be made using(CSS+JavaScript).

--I read some where that no approval is required for iPhone Web Application.

is it correct ?

--And if i have made my iPhone Web Application (using CSS+JavaScript)and uploaded at my server.

--and if i want to open it in UIWebView using iPhone SDK simply...

--is this Application is valid for iPhone Web Application portal or not ?

--how can end users get the Application on their iPhone after submiting to the portal...

--can any one explain me the whole process of iPhone Web Application deployment and distribution process ?

Thanks in advance...

If you'r building a web application, we talk about something, that does not need to be installed on the iPhone, because it runs inside the browser. So yes, you don't have to go through the approval process, it's just a website optimized for the iPhone. The submission you linked to in your question is to get listed at apple with your web application (I'm not sure about the guidelines for that), it,s not a submission for the app store. You don't have to (and you should not) make use of the SDK by using UIWebView, because that would mean to build an native application which needs approval, has to be installed etc. If your goal is or can reached by building a web application, all the user needs is safari.