Deleting and Copying Files Using a Batch File


Im trying to copy files from one drive to another using a batch file, Which works! but we keep Changing file names on our main file which creates addition copys with diffrent names everytime its run. I dont want to delete the Copy file entirely bacause of the length of time the copy takes just to copy. I would like to Compare the 2 files and delete the files that are no longer on the main drive here is the test that im working on. Thanks for any help you can give me.

If not exist "C:\Users\Jeremy\Desktop\Test Main\*.*" "Del "C:\Users\Jeremy\Desktop\Test Clone\*.*"
xcopy "C:\Users\Jeremy\Desktop\Test Main\*.*" "C:\Users\Jeremy\Desktop\Test Clone\*.*" /D /C /E /S /I /Y /V /H /R /F /d:01-01-1998

echo You pressed CTRL+C to end the copy operation.
goto exit

you might want to look into robocopy, specifically with the /mir switch, which mirrors (copy all new files and delete all no longer existing files) the source folder to the target.