Delete the folder and all files on the FTP connection


Trying to add the ability to delete a Folder using FTP and all subfolders and files contained within that folder.

I have built a recursive function to do so, and I feel like the logic is right, but still doesnt work.

I did some testing, I am able to delete on first run if the path is just an empty folder or just a file, but can't delete if it is a folder containing one file or a folder containing one empty subfolder. So it seems to be a problem with traversing through the folder(s) and using the function to delete.

Any ideas?

function ftpDelete($directory)
    if(empty($directory))//Validate that a directory was sent, otherwise will delete ALL files/folders
        return json_encode(false);
        global $conn_id;
        # here we attempt to delete the file/directory
        if( !(@ftp_rmdir($conn_id,$directory) || @ftp_delete($conn_id,$directory)) )
            # if the attempt to delete fails, get the file listing
            $filelist = @ftp_nlist($conn_id, $directory);

            # loop through the file list and recursively delete the FILE in the list
            foreach($filelist as $file)

            #if the file list is empty, delete the DIRECTORY we passed
            return json_encode(true);

I took some time to write my own version of a recursive delete function over ftp, this one should be fully functional (I tested it myself).

Try it out and modify it to fit your needs, if it's still not working there are other problems. Have you checked the permissions on the files you are trying to delete?

function ftp_rdel ($handle, $path) {

  if (@ftp_delete ($handle, $path) === false) {

    if ($children = @ftp_nlist ($handle, $path)) {
      foreach ($children as $p)
        ftp_rdel ($handle,  $p);

    @ftp_rmdir ($handle, $path);