Decorators of the same name


well, I'm going to be direct, it's about the decorator pattern you'll see, i made this graph to exemplify the situation

i have two classes (lets say: CAR and VAN) which are related as the graph says, and i need

to freely combine two decorator classes .. but i have one decorator that is applicable just for one of them since these decorators add specific functionality but this functionality is essentially the

same for the correspondent class..

can I name them just the same?

following the same graph i tried to inherit VAN from CAR. that way they both has the same decorators.. but as ia said

VAN can't have liquefied gas"

so my question remains.. can i name they both decorator the same?

thanks a lot in advance


pd. im sorry but the system doesn't allow me upload figures

Having two classes do the same thing and have the same name is generally a bad practice, like all code duplication. The FourWheelDrive decorator should be directly descending from Vehicle and accept a Vehicle as decoratee. The LiquidGas decorator can descend from SimpleCar and accept a SimpleCar as decoratee, if you want to restrict its use to SimpleCar:

class LiquidGasDecorator extends Vehicle
   private SimpleCar simplecar_;
   public LiquidGasDecorator(SimpleCar simplecar)
     simplecar_ = simplecar;

Vehicle fourwheelvan = new FourWheelDriveDecorator(new Van());
Vehicle fourwheelcarwithlpg = new LiquidGasDecorator(new FourWheelDriveDecorator(new SimpleCar)));