Date of printing and scanning


I want to read a date from a text file in a single variable/array in this format :

Thu Feb 05 16:48:30 2015

to print i used :

fprintf (savegame,"Played Date : %s ",ctime(&time1));

but what to do scan ?

Edit :

Ok . so i probably said something very wrong so i will just reformulate like a task what i get from school... :

I have a text file which contains:

 Played Date : Thu Feb 05 16:48:30 2015
 Played Date : Thu Jan 01 02:00:00 1970

I want to put them each in a single variable then delete

 Played Date :

print them and update to the current date.

Is there any way to do this?

Edit : I tried with:

fscanf (savegame,"Played Date : %s ",ctime(&time1));

but doesn't work....

In POSIX, you can parse a date using strptime(), into a value of type struct tm.

You'd first read the entire line of text from the file (fgets() is the best choice for that), then pass that to strptime().

If you have static non-date text on the line, you need to skip that first. If it's static, you can just add its length to a pointer to the line, and pass that to strptime(). You can also include the text in the format string to strptime(), and it will be skipped.