Custom module links do not appear after the magento upgrade. This will work on a local machine but will not work live?


I have one big issues don't know due to my mistake or magento's structure. i have update the magento to and all work fine on my local machine but when i have moved it to live then in admin custom module's link are not appeared .

i have also tried for clearing the cache and re login but it wont work.. can any one help??

  1. Are the Live code bases and local code bases exactly the same

  2. Are you sure the live codebase is actually being used by apache

  3. If your module loaded into the system?

  4. Does your user have the right ACL permissions to view the navigation items?

  5. Have you cleared your user sessions (separate from cache) to ensure that ACL permissions are flushed for the user

Finally, the class at


is the one responsible for rendering the navigation. Investigate/debug from to to figure out why it's skipping and/or not seeing your custom navigation items.