Custom auto-complements in vim, such as Sublime Text 2


Just found about the autocomplete feature in Sublime Text 2.

Example auto complete file:

        "scope": "text.html - source - meta.tag, punctuation.definition.tag.begin",

                { "trigger": "a", "contents": "<a href=\"$1\">$0</a>" },
                { "trigger": "abbr", "contents": "<abbr>$0</abbr>" },
                { "trigger": "acronym", "contents": "<acronym>$0</acronym>" }

I tried to search for a similar thing for Vim, but haven't been able to find anything.

Does anything like this exist for Vim? Preferably if it uses simple to generate format, like JSON, YAML, etc.

I think you are looking for SnipMate, a good tutorial from Jeffrey Way: Vim Essential Plugin: SnipMate

Other plugins that can do something like you want: SparkUp or Zen Coding.vim