Custom accessory view on UITableView prototype cell does not fire


I have a custom accessory view (a UIButton) on my prototype cell in a storyboard. When I click that button the delegate method for accessory button tapped isn't called. If I use a standard disclosure button it is called just fine. I'm assuming I'm missing a hook up somewhere. Anybody know where?

Guess 1: You don't really have a "custom accessory view" you have a UIButton which is placed where an accessory would go. This wouldn't fire the delegate accessory tapped button because it's not really an accessory.

Guess 2: You do have a real accessory view, but it's never getting the "tap" event because you have a UIButton in it which is eating the user interaction but not firing an action. In that case try adding a simple UIView instead.

Other than that, I'd need more information.