CSS overflow problem


I use overflow: hidden on my site to get control over ending floats.

Which up to now always have worked perfectly.

I know there are several different approaches of ending floats but the overflow trick normally works best.

However this time I cannot get it right.

If you look at the following page and try to adjust the volume you'll see that the volume control goes under my header.


The problem is in the #content-container div

When I remove the overflow the volume control goes over my header (which is what I want).

But I can't just drop the overflow or I have to result to another solution to control the floats, which is not something I want to do unless REALLY necessary.

Anybody has a solution to this problem?

You could give the snippets div clear:both. You have the element in there anyway, and I assume you wouldn't want it to wrap around the nav, so it's not just adding unsemantic elements/classes for the heck of it.