CSS How to Select the Element First Element After Another Element


I've got the following HTML code on a page

<h4>Some text</h4>
Some more text!

In my css I've got the following selector to style the H4 element. The HTML code above is just a small part of the entire code, there are several div's more wrapped around belonging to a shadowbox

#sb-wrapper #sb-wrapper-inner #sb-body #myDiv h4
    color               : #614E43;
    margin-top          : 5px;
    margin-left         : 6px;

So I have the correct style for my H4 element, but I also want to style the paragraph tag in my HTML. Is this possible with CSS-selectors? And if yes, how can I do this?

#many .more.selectors h4 + p { ... }

This is called the adjacent sibling selector.