Creating php files with php code


I wonder if I can create a php file with php code (my project is to write a php based online poker game) and it would be nice if I could add/delete tables from php, but in order to do that I need some code to generate the php file which will be associated with that specific table. (code on every table would be the same, just need something that will allow me to create a .php file for the life time of a table). Also can you tell me how to php-delete it after wards? Thanks ahead.

You can do this simply by having the code written to a file with

file_put_contents($filename, $content).

This will create a new file if it doesn't exist. If it exists it will truncate the file and write the new content.

To read dynamic code you could use eval($codeString). This would interpret the $codeStringas code. NOT RECCOMENDED because if there is ANY user input involved in the $codeString, it would be a huge security risk! (Read the WARNING below!)

To get the contents from a file, you could use $fileContents=file_get_contents($filename)

If you want to write to files with appending text and so on, you need to get deeper in to the php filesystem. A nice place to start is w3 schools:

You should look at three major functions of writing to files:



Reading dynamic generated code, whether it is from files or just strings, can be really dangerous. Especially if it gets any kind of user- or dynamic input. This is because php-files are capable of editing, creating and deleting ALOT on your server. I would recommend you to find an alternate solution!