Create a URL from two form fields


Essentially, we have two form fields asking for users to supply us with two alphanumeric strings, and a URL needs to be constructed from the two. However, there is a basic structure to the URL that needs to be kept in place.

Users will input the requested numbers in two text fields on our site, then click a submit button. At that point the input data needs to be inserted into the URL and opened in their browser.

Example: + UserEntry1 + FixedData + UserEntry2 –– UserEntry1 & UserEntry2 will be inserted between the fixed data.

The finished URL would appear as:

You pretty much answered your question.


<input id='UserEntry1' type='text'>
<input id='UserEntry2' type='text'>


var URLBase = "";
var TrailingFixedData = "fixeddata2";

finalURL = URLBase + document.getElementById('UserEntry1').value + TrailingFixedData + document.getElementById('UserEntry2').value;

Or if you're using jQuery:

finalURL = URLBase + $('#UserEntry1').val() + TrailingFixedData + $('#UserEntry2').val();