Create a table for the data entry as in the grid of access / excel in html to insert in mysql


I'm looking to create a table in html to be used to insert the track listing for a CD album. This is not pull info out of the database but rather to insert new data.

I don't want to put one by one with a single form but rather do all for that album at once

Something like this

How can this be done with HTML and php to be inserted into a mysql db

I understand this can be done if I put the info into an excel file and upload it to the serever but I want it to be done right on the server

I'd recommand looking at Dojo Toolkit DataGrid or dgrid, with stores (jsonRest stores or itemFileWriteStore) for the php side, you'd just have to do a fromJson (json_decode) in your controller, then populate some model object (or directly put the info into db after some cleaning to avoid sql injections).