Cordova Facebook plugin: Missing variables APP_ID, APP_NAME


When I do :

cordova plugin add

I get the error :

Error: Variable(s) missing: APP_ID, APP_NAME

Where do I have to configure these variables ?

Look at the bottom of the file on that github repository. You'll see it gives you instructions for installing the plugin and including the variables:

plugman install --platform [PLATFORM] --project [TARGET-PATH] --plugin [PLUGIN-PATH] --variable APP_ID="[APP_ID]" --variable APP_NAME="[APP_NAME]"

    [PLATFORM] = ios or android
    [TARGET-PATH] = path to folder containing your phonegap project
    [PLUGIN-PATH] = path to folder containing this plugin
    [APP_ID] = Your APP_ID as registered on Facebook

The Cordova CLI uses Plugman behind the scenes, so you can use it to inject variable names like this:

cordova plugin add --variable APP_ID="my-app-id" --variable APP_NAME="my-app-name"