Convert a list to json objects


I have a huge text file.

line 1
line 2
line 3

I have converted it into an array of lists:

[['String 1'],['String 2'],['String 3'],['String 4'],['String 5'],
['String 6'],['String 7'],['String 8'],['String 9'],['String 9'],
['String 10'], ...]

I want to convert this list to JSON objects, like this:

[{'title1': 'String 1', 'title2': 'String 2', ... , 'title7': 'String 7'},
 {'title1': 'String 8', ..., 'title7': 'String 14'}, ...]

I am not sure how to do it. Any help.?

Just adding onto alexce's response, you can easily convert the restructured data into JSON:

import json

There are some potential security concerns with top-level arrays. I'm not sure if they're still valid with modern browsers, but you may want to consider wrapping it in an object.

import json
json.dumps({'results': result})