Compare the object stored as a value in hashmap


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I am having a hashMap which stores my values like that:

{10997=Event [Numb=0007449001, date=07.02.2008], 10998=Event [Numb=0007449001, date=08.04.2008], ...

As you can see the key is a integer and the value is an Event Object which has a numeric value and a date, which is saved as a String.

I want to compare the numeric value of the map to another value with an if statment.

I tried:

if(numericVal==eventMap.get(i).toString()) {

However that does not really work. How to get the value easily out of the HashMap and of the Object?

I appreciate your answer!


By easily I mean performance orientated, because I have to process a lot of values.

first off; do not compare Strings with == use equalsIgnoreCase() instead (or just equals() if the casing matters)

second; consider giving your Event a compareTo() and while you are at it an equals() and a hashCode().

Once you got the components in place and why they should be there, you'll realize what you want to do is possible in a much more elegant way.