CocoaPods can not install from GitHub with & ldquo; No file or directory & rdquo; Error


I've created a Podfile with two libraries. The first, an existing pod, installs perfectly. The second, which points to a GitHub project, fails with a Errno::ENOENT - No such file or directory error.

Running pod install --verbose I can see that the files are being cloned from GitHub and stored in a folder called something like /var/folders/s8/05t8tk155t9dd6kzm9tlfpq00000gn/T/d20150526-5339-15aks97 successfully but then the folder is immediately deleted before the command to copy those files from that temp folder to the Pods folder within the project. Which is why the command fails with No such file or directory.

Based on other answers on the site I've cleared my ~/.cocoapods folder and run pod setup over again. I've run sudo gem update which completed successfully. I've also copied and pasted the git clone command that pod install --verbose says it is running and it completes without any errors.

I just don't know why that folder in /var/folder is being deleted before the copy and I'm not sure what else to try.

The repository is cloned in a temporary folder, and then only the files recognised as sources are added to your project, can you post your Podfile?