Change position on the default main menu of a theme


Maybe the question is silly, but I just start to look into Drupal and I cannot find any relatives information on the web. I have installed a theme (corporate clean) that use a inline main navigation just after the logo and before the gallery.

I would like to change that menu position. Move the main menu on the left side.

But everytime I give to navigation or main menu block the 'navigation' position, I see a new block filled in with the same main menu links. Instead I want the first link be relocated in the left side.

How could I do that?

(btw the theme has even a navigation block, but it cannot understand how it work exactly..)


The menu is usualy inserted in the page.tpl.php you can move it around in this file. Alternatively you can go to admin/appearance/settings/yourTheme and turn off "Main menu" and "Secondary menu" and use the Menu block module to position menus where you want them.