Cassandra - Difference between CLI and CQL


I am new to Cassandra and learning the things. I have seen there are several Cassandra Client APIs, such as Cassandra CLI , CQL etc. I need to know what exactly the difference between CLI and CQL ? Which one shall be better to use ? Also, what are the client APIs available to query Cassandra using .NET ?

Any help is appreciated.

CQL - a SQL (Structured Query Language)-like language for querying Cassandra. Easy way of using cql is to try out the cqlsh tool that ships with Cassandra. CLI - A command-line application that can be used to query Cassandra.

There are a number of popular High level C# Cassandra client APIs most of which support CQL.

  • Aquiles - Includes examples but requires a bit of configuration (explained in their wiki)
  • Hector Sharp - Lacks documentation, but thanks to their tests you can work out what to do, and I found this blog with some useful info.
  • Fluent Cassandra - Requires some configuration but getting started is explained very well in their blog.

Note You could always use the Thrift API, but I'd advise against it as its a low level implementation and requires lots of code to get anything done.