Capybara: Select or click on a link in a drop-down list


I have been looking for the answer but could't find any answer. Maybe I am missing to understand some fundamental concept of capybara.

I have a dropdown-menu, by use of "ul"

<ul class="dropdown-menu">
  <li id="dropdown-list">
      <li><%= link_to 'Link1', controller: 'link_1' %> </li>
      <li><%= link_to 'Link2', controller: 'link_2' %> </li>
  <li id="a_different_dropdown">
    <span>A different dropdown list</span>

I want to click on Link2. The only thing I've been able to do is:

find('.dropdown-menu', :text => 'myList')

Conceptually: when I have a dropdown menu, do I have to split the process in many steps? I mean, do I have to click in the option myList to make sub-options visible?

I tried click, click_link and select methods but I was unable to open Link2 as the error was often:

Capybara::ElementNotFound:Unable to find link Link2

You probably have to click the dropdown list first. Items in the dropdown menu are usually not visible.


Then you could inspect the options in the list and see what's there.

I'm not really sure what your HTML source looks like, but a lot of the time selecting an option from a dropdown can be done in one line:

find('#dropdown-list option', :text => 'foo').click