Captcha in the tracks 1.2.6


I am working with a very old rails application (v1.2.6) and need to implement a captcha on the site. Does anyone know what approach I can take to do this?

I have tried:

  • Searching for rails plugins that support v1.2.6 (found nothing)
  • Setting up simple-captcha plugin (but only works on rails > 3)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

There is no need to use a plugin, is recommendable to use when they are available, but is not a mandatory thing. Probably the "Do-it yourself" installation needs more steps but definitely will works. Take a look for example at the reCAPTCHA documentation, there is a complete section dedicated to explain the use of the library without plugins.

Basically there are two approaches:

  1. The Standard Challenge and Non-JavaScript API.

With any of those ways, depends of your needs, hopefully you should have captcha working in a lot of scenarios without troubles. The API is well explained and have a few examples.

Hope this helps.