Can the Java preference API be used as an alternative to avoid reading the file?


In my program there's requirement to read file content at the time of program startup. Right now file is loaded in the constructor. Since file is a bit huge and I/O is being performed so it takes a bit of time to show screen.

My question is, can I use Preference API as an aternative of file I/O? Since content is not changed frequently so I want to avoid I/O unless it's asked by user. I would like to load content once if preference not set and as long as preference is not empty it fetches content from Preference rather than file.

Share your thoughts.

@Zhedar's point about Preferences is well taken. Instead, load the file in the background using SwingWorker, as shown here. With suitable granularity in publish() and process(), results can begin appearing immediately. The GUI will remain responsive while the remainder of the file loads.