Can the Amazon Cloudfront stream pass to an iOS device?


I am building a CDN. I want to be able to stream to an iPhone and iPad. Is this possible using Amazon Cloudfront?

Let me clarify. Is there any documentation anywhere or an example anywhere of someone doing this?

Progressive download works if you ensure that the media's metadata is at the beginning of the file. Google "ffmpeg qtfastart" to accomplish this in the easiest manner (in my experience). If this is not done, the player (in iOS) must download the complete file before it gets to the metadata that it needs to read in order to play. If you are not doing this step in your production workflow, then your progressive download is not functioning as "progressive download", it is actually downloading the entire file (as stated it can get to the metadata) and then playing. This can be done with any video/audio file supported by your platform.

NOTE: I am not sure how this affects any attempts at high-speed scrubbing. It seems the file would need to be downloaded to the point that the app is trying to scrub to.

Another alternative may be to create the format needed for iOS streaming (using a segmenter/transcoder), and serving up those files through http on your regular Cloudfront distribution. Theoretically that should work.

To be more clear - Cloudfront uses and older version of Flash Media Server(v 3.5) that supports streaming through various RTMP protocols. These can be enabled by creating a Streaming Distribution (that is how we do streaming for web and Android) and using something like JW Player on the front end.

IOS streaming is done using HTTP Live Streaming which is different.

Your options would be to do as I mentioned above, or use EC2 and stand up your own FMS 4.5 instance ( ).