Can online CSS apply to child elements nested in the style element?


This is the problem in a nutshell:

  • I want to apply the style vertical-align: top to every <tr> in a table, without manually applying the style to every row.
  • I have to use inline CSS because I'm on a wiki, so I can't edit the external style sheet, or edit the <head> to embed a style.
  • When I add a style attribute to a <table> tag, it appears this style is not passed on to its child elements. (I can see how this is nearly always a good thing.)
  • I can't use <style><!--...--></style>, because that is not a permitted tag on MediaWiki pages.

Should I resign myself to adding style="vertical-align: top to every <tr>, or is still a solution I am overlooking?

EDIT: Removed a lump of background info, in order to limit the question to what the question title suggests it is about.

Can inline CSS apply to child elements nested in the styled element?

Not directly.

Indirectly, only if the child element has that-property: inherit set in its existing stylesheet.