Can not pay in the paypal sandbox using a test account Test


Since paypal updated their sandbox, I encounter a lot of problems. I can not simulate a payment using sandbox. Whenever i use an "old test account", created before the update, this error message comes out

This Sandbox email address is not available. Please enter another email address.

I have created a new account and unfortunately it also doesn't work. Same error message comes out. Below is the details that inputted to create an account.

  1. email: "[email protected]"
  2. payment bal. : 5000
  3. bank verified: yes
  4. paymentcard: paypal
  5. credit card type: none

Can anyone tell how to do payment simulation using the new paypal sandbox? I have read all the documenation in, None of them worked. The links redirects me to and prompt me to login again and again.

I resolved it by:

  • loggin out of test site
  • clearing browser cache and cookies (I use chrome).
  • Logging back into the test site
  • Changing the credentials for the submission to the automatically created business account in the new paypal sandbox
  • Submitting.

Works as expected now.