Can not create a new project (VS2013 and multi-hybrid application)


I get the error below when I try to create a new project. I've upgraded to CTP2. Error:

The expression """.Substring(0, 6)" cannot be evaluated. Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Paramter name: length C:\USERS\ME\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\vs-mda-targets\Microsoft.MDA.targets

When this error occurs and I check the solution folder, no project has been created.

With VS closed, in a command window, run
npm -g uninstall vs-mda and npm -g uninstall vs-mda-targets

Check to see if this removed the vs-mda and vs-mda-targets folders under
If it didn't, you can delete those folders manually.

Then relaunch VS and create an MDHA project. It should work successfully.

If you get an error on project creation saying that the MDA targets were not found, you can manually install 'vs-mda' & 'vs-mda-targets' from under Visual Studio's Extension folder to get things working again.

Exit Visual Studio and on the drive where Visual Studio is installed, navigate to
%Program Files%\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\uxbwjkun.gjn*\packages
Here you will find two folders "vs-mda" and "vs-mda-targets"

  • Note that uxbwjkun.gjn will not be the exact folder name, but look for something like it that contains packages folder.

Now from here run npm -g install <full path to current folder>\vs-mda and npm -g install <full path to current folder>\vs-mda-targets

When issuing this command it's necessary to give it the explicit path to the vs-mda and vs-mda-targets folders under the VS installation in %Program Files%.

Relaunch and create a new MDHA project.