Can not apply DjangoModelPermissions to a view that does not have the `.creative 'property or overrides the` .get_queryset () `method


I am getting the error ".accepted_renderer not set on Response resp api django".

I am following the django rest-api tutorial. Django version i am using 1.8.3 I followed the tutorial till first part. It worked properly. But when i continued the 2nd part in sending response, i got an error

Cannot apply DjangoModelPermissions on a view that does not have `.queryset` property or overrides the `.get_queryset()` method.

Then i tried other ways i got

.accepted_renderer not set on Response resp api django

Please help me out. I think its permission issue.

You probably have set DjangoModelPermissions as a default permission class in your settings. Something like:


DjangoModelPermissions can only be applied to views that have a .queryset property or .get_queryset() method.

Since Tutorial 2 uses FBVs, you probably need to convert it to a CBV or an easy way is to specify a different permission class for that view. You must be using the api_view decorator in your view. You can then define permissions like below:

from rest_framework.decorators import api_view, permission_classes
from rest_framework import permissions

def my_view(request)

To resolve the renderer error, you need to add the corresponding renderer to your settings.