Call function of the polymer paper drawing board 1.0 when the drawer closes


I have a paper-drawer-panel that has a closed drawer. When I click a fab I open the drawer and hide the fab. However when the drawer closes again I would like to re-show the fab.

My question is this: How do I know when the drawer is closing?

I looked into the two events listed in the paper-drawer-panel docs and tried both paper-select and paper-responsive-change. I used them in the following way:


<paper-drawer-panel right-drawer force-narrow narrow paper-select="changed">
  <div main> content... </div>
  <div drawer> drawer content </div>


  console.log("inside event");

should this work? can anyone offer some suggestions?

As I mentioned in the comment, I solved this by using TrevorDixon's advice and changing paper-select to on-iron-select