Call a jQuery function with the OnClick event of the Image button


I have a form in which a table of dynamic data is built with PHP. Within each row is an image that when clicked calls a jQuery function with a click event.

For example, if the image has an id of eventnfo_0, i have a function like this:


It all works fine as long as I have a defined click event for each row. The problem is, I need to make it dynamic because the number of rows can vary so it's not feasible to build a separate function as depicted above for each row.

My thought is there must be a way to call a jQuery function from an onclick event and pass a row number, but thus far, no dice.

I'm sure it's not an uncommon task, but I've not had any luck with my searches.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

there are many ways tyo do this... call a same class in each img and use it as a selector...




since it is dynamically added this might help..



you can use a data attributes for a rownumber and get it from jquery..

say this is your html.

 <img id="eventnfo_0" data-rownumber="1"/>

and jquery

     alert($(this).data('rownumber')); //this will alert 1