Calculation of the percentage of respondents who answered yes to several questions


I have survey result data in an excel sheet. The column headings are locations where respondents were willing to travel for work (11 total locations/columns) - they had to select yes or no for each location. What I want to know is what percentage of people who said yes to one were willing to travel to another, i.e., 20% of people who selected Chicago are also willing to go to Denver. There is no logical way to sort the responses, as they appear very random.

People picked between 1 and 11 yeses. I'd like to run all the combinations.

Maybe like this ..

For Cell B12 Formula =COUNTIF(B2:B11;"=yes") .. copy it to right

For Cell B13 Formula =ROUND(B12/SUM($B$12:$L$12)*100;2) .. copy it to right

Hope this help ...