Calculate the RowCount in DataGrid in VB scripts using the Full Test tool


Im assigned to write the scripts for Automating a Web Application in VB Scripts using Test Complete Tool. In my application, I have to delete a data and have to check after deleting that whether the deleted data exists on the datagrid or not. How can I do it. I tried doing that by calculating the RowCount of the Datagrid. But, since there is no RowCount Property for the DataGrid in Test Complete, I cant find the solution. Please help me with this to find the RowCount.

Thanks In Advance.,

For supported grid controls, you can use wRowCount:

In case of an unsupported grid in an Open Application, you can use the grid control's native properties and methods availble to TestComplete (check the Object Browser to see the list). You may need to ask your Dev Team about what exact properties/methods to use in your test to accomplish a specific task.

Also, in case of an unsupported gird, don't forget to vote for it in the feature survey :)